Net4Mobility for Experienced National Contact Points

One of the project’s goals is to help the more experienced NCPs to better understand the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions and share their knowledge with the others NCPs. To this end, a wide array of measures will be implemented and are presented on this page

Working Group

This working group fosters cooperation between the stakeholders REA, EC and NCPs with a solution orientated approach to ongoing challenges in the MSCA.

Trainings & Best Practise Seminars

Ten trainings and seminars are foreseen within the project. The topics are defined according to the outcome of the questionnaire. All related training material is available on the intranet.

Trainings Material 

NCP Assessment Grid

This Assessment Grid tool for Personal Career Development will allow you to assess your NCP work. An online version will be available soon

Assessment Grid


Exchange of experience ans experise between newcomer/less-experienced MSCA NCPs in order to lower the entry barriers for newcomers and ease the rapid acquisition of knowledge. 

FAQ Blog


Our knowledge and expertise coming from the Google Group is published on the project’s blog . Have a look at frequent questions and answers around the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions.

FAQ Blog


IF Survivor Guide 2016

All you need to know to survive with the MSCA IF call summarised in this Guide by MSCA NCP

IF Survivor Guide 2016

Google Group

As an officially nominated MSCA NCP you are part of the ‘Google Mailing Group’ which allows the NCPs to answer question, get the answers and share knowledge and experience. To become part of the group, contact

Call Overview

A concise document will give a structured overview of all the MSC Actions with details about the application, grant preparation, reporting etc.

Find the call overview here (date 1.12.2017)